When the government disobeys its own abiding principles / by kevin murray

Any good country is supposed to be a country that lives in principle, by its faithful observance of its laws made from those good principles.  That is to say, this Union of States, recognizing the importance of having a strong and stable national government, took the initiative to have those representatives of those States meet together, so as to debate and to discuss and to come to a consensus so as to therefore create good governance, by the issuance and subsequent ratification of that Constitution.  Clearly, the United States has a well written Constitution, with important Amendments to that Constitution, of principles that are quite favorable for the creation as well as the sustainability of a country that is of the people, by the people, and for the people.  That is to say, governments are created by and for representatives of the people, as a compact between those people of that country, of which the government so instituted derives its just powers exclusively from the consent of those so governed.


So then, if that government would only follow truly the dictates of that Constitution, then that country would represent in actuality the abiding principles of that Constitution.  In point of fact, in many respects, this government and its interpretation of the laws so propagated, have demonstrated again and again, that the laws so made, are not stable or consistent, but are instead often as applied --arbitrary, contradictory, and just plain wrong.  This thus means that laws that should be consistent and equally applied to all equally, are the very opposite of such consistency, and are often biased, unfair, discriminatory, and even inimical to the Constitution, itself.


This signifies that a country that does not conform to its own abiding principles as per its Constitutional law, is a country that has clearly lost its moral compass, and such can therefore only create a construct of confusion, disappointment, hypocrisy, and dissent.  All those that cry for justice, must understand, that when a country does not adhere to its own Constitutional principles, then that country cannot now, nor will it ever be able to actually have justice in its land.


Consequently, a country that does not live up to its founding principles and has no interest in doing so, has devolved into a country in which the citizens of that nation are not going to respect the law as applied, for the law is not worthy of their respect, for when that government at the highest legislative, judicial, and executive levels, essentially treats the law as something that is ever changeable, depending upon the powers to be and the whip that they so use, than the law effectively is not stable or legitimate, and is of little merit.


A legitimate government of the people, must not be a power above and beyond the people, but must represent the people, and further to the point, that government must live within the abiding principles of their founding law, that is, their Constitution.  To the extent that this is done, the government of that country has legitimacy, and to the extent that this is not done, such a government as that, has lost its way, and is therefore a counterfeit government by virtue of its failure to adhere to and to abide to its Constitution and its people.