Equality and inequality / by kevin murray

The seminal document that founded this great nation, states forthrightly “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” and this Declaration of Independence, was signed by fifty-six of the most esteemed and influential men, from each of the thirteen colonies, and further that these same men pledged their lives, their fortunes, as well as their sacred honor upon the words so disseminated.


These words quite clearly meant that these men truly believed that each of us has therefore been equally created.  So then, it could be questioned and should be questioned, as to how it is that these honorable men and all those that have followed them, could in any way, form, or function, believe thereafter that a legitimate government by the people, for the people, and of the people could be a government that would ever sanction a construct in which some of those very same men, or subsequent generations of those men, would somehow have devolved into believing that we are created unequally.


This would then signify, that the only possible way that this country can remain true to its own Declaration of Independence is to have a country in which the laws, justice, and fairness is applied in such a manner that reflects that each one of us, has been created equally by God, and therefore all those that treat mankind as being something other than equal, are effectively traitors to that Declaration of Independence, and further have lost their place as moral agents of good.


So then, in every area in which the application of law, justice, and fairness does not truly reflect that equality, such laws are effectively nullified, and where there has been and continues to be systemic injustice and inequality, such needs in order to be made right, be rectified, forthrightly. 


This would so indicate that when any nation turns its back on the very cornerstone of the foundation of that nation, of which that cornerstone is morally correct, then such a nation as that is surely not blessed by God, for it is not in adherence with the moral law of God.  This would indicate that the United States very first obligation that supersedes all else, is to support and to propagate its appropriate mission, above all things.


It cannot be emphasized enough, that when mankind is intelligent enough and perceptive enough to recognize that our Creator has created all of His children equally, that it therefore follows that our sacred obligation is to see that this is upheld within the government so constituted amongst mankind.  While one can applaud words that are moral truths and that are pledged to, it is not enough to know those words, or have listened to those words, but those words in order to have any positive and lasting effect amongst mankind, must be lived up to. 


It is in the living and our application thereof, that we do show who and what we truly are, for those that speak of equality but live by the sword of inequality, are provocateurs of great ill winds, that sustained long enough will surely take down the edifice of all that is good and leave nothing but desolation and ruin, from its horrible destruction.