Unintended pregnancies and reasonable solutions to such / by kevin murray

Birth control, unintended pregnancies, and abortions, are a combined subject matter that some people have fanatical viewpoints upon, in which some of these people believe absolutely that one's body is one's own, and therefore that women should be entitled to have abortions on demand.  On the other hand, there are those other people that believe that life begins at conception, and that the aborting of a fetus is therefore a form of infanticide.  These two positions are so far apart, that there doesn't appear to be much middle ground.  However, there actually exists a middle ground that for the most part, though it may not please everyone, does a commendable job of reducing a significant portion of the controversy.


That is to say, it makes logical sense to surmise that most women that actually get or desire to get an abortion, fervently wish that they had not gotten pregnant to begin with.  This thus means, that besides all the educational materials about how to prevent unintended pregnancies as well as the multitude of options that are available for females to preclude or to be in control of such; that it is important to have additional reliable options that are available for women, that are readily obtainable, convenient, accurate and of low cost, for those that have already had sex, but consciously recognize that they do not wish or to chance becoming pregnant.


Fortunately, there are two good options, of which one is the inserting of a copper intrauterine device (IUD) and the other being one of the many emergency contraceptive pills that are available, in which both of these options, are effective, even up to five days, after unprotected sex.  However, as might be expected, there are costs involved with each of these options, as well as logistics so involved.  That said, each of these options is highly reliable, so that, those women that wish to maintain full control of their body, have those avenues available.


This would so indicate, that birth control advocates should make it a point, in conjunction with social and/or governmental agencies, to see that copper IUD devices as well as emergency contraceptive pills are readily available, convenient, and of a low cost for all those that wish to avail themselves of such.  So too, it is absolutely vital that those that are most susceptible to suffering from an unintended pregnancy, be cognizant that there are very good options, after unprotected sex, that are available for them, in a convenient manner and of little or no cost.


The best way to effectively address this important issue, would be quite similar to other health issues of vital concern to this nation, which addresses such in a comprehensive and thorough manner, so that the upshot is that women of all backgrounds are well informed of their options in this matter, and consequently are able to avail themselves of those viable options because they are well knowledgeable of them, thereby reducing unintended pregnancies, which then reduces abortions.


In an era in which a woman's right to her own body and her own choice, is under assault in so many States, it is important to recognize that there is a silver lining, which is that women most definitely have good choices that will preclude the need for an abortion, by preventing an undesired pregnancy in the first place, and therefore more vigorous resources and logistics should be devoted to doing that very thing.