True repentance / by kevin murray

Most everyone that believes in an afterlife, consisting of a Heaven and a hell, would vastly prefer to go to Heaven.  For some of those people, they somewhat conveniently believe that if they take, for instance, Christ as their savior, that this will save them, and therefore that they will be redeemed in Christ's blood and thereby go to Heaven.  We might call such a belief, such as this, if we are charitable, Christianity light, but whatever that it is called, it fails to acknowledge that to get to Heaven, actually requires much more than some sort of nebulous and soft belief, but rather, such requires real commitment and real sacrifice.


In point of fact, we read in Holy Scripture, "Be careful. If your brother sins against you, rebuke him. If he repents, forgive him" (Luke 17: 3).  This scriptural passage, indicates that those that perform actions that are morally wrong, need to be informed of their error, and that further, that they need to disavow their previous behavior and to thereby turn away from that wrong path, and to take and thereby to embrace the right path.  Having done that, they should therefore be forgiven and thereupon be embraced as a fellow believer.


However, it must be stated, that true repentance is never going to be about just promising to forsake one's errors and sins, and thereupon promising to perform acts of good and righteousness for others; but rather, the proof is in the activities so performed after the commitment to repentance has been made.  So that, the mind must first be made right, and then the actions so enacted must be in conformance with those thoughts, actuated.


Obviously, even those that sincerely wish to repent are not going to be able to somehow instantly become perfect in all of their conduct, but what should and must occur, is that the mindset stays attuned to what is the appropriate behavior and true; in conscious acknowledgement that one has forsaken their former ways in order to embrace the superior way, through their diligent and determined efforts. 


It must be remembered, that there are not any shortcuts to Heaven, for Heaven is something that involves dedicated effort and accomplishments, for to achieve Heaven, first necessitates the honest acknowledgment of our errors, which thereupon leads us to the renouncing of such as being not acceptable to our persona, and thereby the final step is the demonstrated proof, that we have put off the old, and thereupon have embraced the new, by doing right and by being good in all of our endeavors.


Those that claim that they are going to Heaven, because they believe, are mistaken in their viewpoint, that something as ambiguous as belief, is going to actually be good enough to do such.  Instead, one should concern themselves far less about belief, or faith, for that matter, and resolve to admit to and to own up to one's errors, and thereupon to recognize that now knowing better, that one needs to fully repent of all that one has done which is evil and morally wrong, and instead resolve to do all of the good that one can do, for as long as one can do such, for as many people as one can influence upon, to the best of one's ability, and Heaven will thereupon be the fair reward.