Once you have it, you never willingly give it back / by kevin murray

America, prides itself on being a country that purports to demonstrate in principle, how beneficial that its capitalistic system is, and further what an egalitarian society that we live in; as opposed to those other nations, in which those that are born into money, have it, generation after generation; and/or that those that are born into power, have that, generation after generation.


In point of fact, America today is clearly a country of the very rich, by the very rich, and for the very rich, and the situation is getting worse, year by year.  In fact, as reported by Bloomberg.com, "…the top 0.1% of taxpayers—about 170,000 families in a country of 330 million people—control 20% of American wealth."  This fact doesn't not necessarily signify the corruption of our capitalistic system, but it sure the heck seems to indicate that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way that capitalism and our tax system are exercised in this country; for somehow, the concentration of that wealth at the very top, keeps getting concentrated more and more, year by year, all at the expense of the good people of this great nation, as a whole.


In point of fact, the very basis of wealth concentration in America comes down to firstly being able to obtain or to earn or to inherit the money, and the second part of the equation is being able to hold onto that wealth, generation after generation, which means never having to suffer the ill effects of confiscatory taxation or similar of that wealth. 


What most citizens of this country seemingly fail to recognize, is that wealth concentration is always a two-step process, of which the first is the obtainment of that money, and the second is the retention of that money as well as typically the continual growth of that money, for money makes money, literally; for the growth of lots of money once obtained, often comes down to the investing of it, and has little or nothing to do with the laboring for it.


The bottom line is that those that are wealthy, are in many cases, obsessed with maintaining that wealth that has been established, so that, in acknowledgement that money and especially lots of money has influence, are well prone to utilize that money to buy tax favoritism, political favoritism, business favoritism, and just about any favoritism that can be bought.  All of this is done for the expressed purpose to not give up and to not give ground of the fortunes so created, which is why the most valuable estates are able to circumvent onerous taxation, and which is why foundations are created so that laws can therefore be enacted specifically to favor powerful interests in which those interests that are the true beneficiaries of such are often well hidden through those foundations.


Those that are super wealthy, are more than willing to spend some of their wealth, in order to maintain and to keep such wealth, and do so time and time again; which is why America, despite its founding principles from its inception, being anathema to dynastic wealth, is now a country that protects and augments dynastic wealth, to the destruction of its middle class, and the continual suppression of its embarrassingly large lower class.


The superrich will not give up what it already has, which is that wealth, and when the government of this great nation accedes and actively augments the superrich's wealth and their ability to keep it, generation after generation, then the superrich will just keep seizing a bigger and bigger piece of the wealth of America for themselves.