There is no deist God / by kevin murray

People have all sorts of different beliefs in God, of which, quite obviously not all of these beliefs can conceivably be correct.  There are some that believe, for instance, that God has died, which reflects their ignorance and their inability to fathom what immortality actually represents.  Further, there are those that believe that God did create this world, and thereupon left it to be on its own, that is, a deistic God, which to a certain degree makes sense, for from there one can then more logically conclude because God takes no active role in this world, that this is why this world is in such a mess, and helps to explain why bad things happen to good people. 


In point of fact, God is not deistic, and never was; for God is our Creator, and as our Creator, God cares about all that He has created.  Further to the point, it is God that sends saviors and gurus amongst us, in order to aid us in coming to the awareness of truth, justice, love, and the meaning of life.  Yet, many people point again and again to all the pain and suffering in this world, as proof positive that either God does not really exist, or that God doesn't care, or that God started the creation and basically walked away from such.  While, this might seem to be a conundrum, it really is not, for either we have all been blessed with free will, or we are all puppets in the hands of the Master Puppeteer. 


The truth is that it is free will, that creates all that is wrong in this world, yet, at the same time, it is that free will, that brings forth all the positives that we do have and experience in this world, for free will, is free to choose whichever path it so desires to be on.  So too, it is from that free will, that great souls incarnate amongst us, for God ever hears our cries, and answers those cries by bringing into our midst, those that will lead us to the promise land, if only we would first listen and then be faithful to that Voice.


Far too many people, wrongly believe that if God exists, that God would thereby obey their commands and their petitions to God; but how is it that those that are in this world, are wiser than He that is the Fountain of Wisdom?  After all, those that do not know the whole Truth, and are unable to fathom what is really going on, are consequently not in the position to actually know what is best for them; nevertheless, we read in Luke 16: 7, "The Lord said, “If you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you would tell this sycamore tree, ‘Be uprooted, and be planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you."  So then, it is our lack of faith that precludes the miracles that we claim to really want as well as to really desire, of which, those that are truly attuned and at one with God, are thereby able to accomplish such, seamlessly.


God is here in every aspect of this world, and in every corpuscle of our being.  God cares for each one of us, and knows us better than we even know ourselves.  Our obligation therefore is to search diligently for God, and when we find God and adhere to God's law, everything will change, for formerly we were blind, but now we will see.