Inequality, unfairness, injustice and crime / by kevin murray

For the most part, those that preach the loudest about the need for "law and order" are the ones that have in their possession material goods of value, as well as being the ones that are living lives that they value and therefore are well worth protecting.  So then, these people, that have material things of worth, and are part of good families and have strong familial relationships, do not want to risk what they already have, and subsequently, are quite willing in many cases to sacrifice some of their freedom and liberty to protect what is their own, without really taking into account the impact of their so-called sacrifice, and thereby their ignoring or casting aside of others that are not fairing well.


In the scheme of things, it would be fair to say, that in a land in which all are impoverished, such a land would not have a particular high amount of crime, and certainly would not have much property crime, such as burglary, robbery, or larceny, because when the people own virtually nothing and have no property, there is nothing to take or steal.  It then follows that in a land in which all have about equal amounts, of which none seem to have much more than another, such a land as that, would also not suffer much property crime, because each already has about the same as the other.  On the other hand, in a land of great inequality in wealth and income, in which some of these people, perhaps a significant percentage of these people are living lives of lack and impoverishment, and further are suffering from ill-education, poor healthcare, lack of opportunity as well as lack of employment, and are born within dysfunctional families, as well as being powerless, and are suffering from systemic prejudice, such a land as that would essentially breed criminals, because those that have nothing, especially when they are surrounded by abundance and wealth, that is often within their eyesight or earshot and may, in fact, be just outside their broken down neighborhoods, these people are going to have a very strong tendency to want to do something about such great disparity.


Not too surprisingly, those that live in an enclave of hopeless poverty, but are clearly aware that there exists nearby a sea of absolute prosperity, are going to more often than not, get what they can get, from those that have, irrespective of the consequences or penalties so enforced.  Further to the point, those that have experienced from their beginning, the injustice of a system that protects and benefits those that have at the expense of those that have not; and further that writes and enforces laws that increases inequality between what are supposed to be peoples that are equally created; as well as hearing rulers constantly speaking of fairness but are unfair in action to that principle; are going to create the very conditions that make for criminal activity, for even the dogs of the very prosperous live under much better conditions, than them.


Those that complain the loudest about crime and incivility, should recognize first, that crime is the obvious result of any society that will not effectively address within its institutions and structure its own systemic inequality, unfairness, and injustice.    Therefore, until such a time, as these very things are vigorously addressed and ameliorated, then crime will continue on its present path, for to believe that a society can be whole that is effectively separate and unequal, is pure madness.