Why the whole truth matters / by kevin murray

The greatest search that anyone can aspire to, is that search for the whole truth of our existence, and therefore of who and what we really are.  Those that will not put forth the effort for that search may indeed still have noble and worthy lives, but they have apparently done so, without clearly discerning the most important truth.  Additionally, there are others, because they know not the whole truth, and apparently have no interest or inclination to know such, that suffer in lives in which the knowing of that whole truth, would have made a positive impact upon their perspective and therefore their decisions.  Not only is the knowing of the whole truth, vital to each one of us, but the fact that a significant swath of mankind does not know that whole truth, and further that so many don't seem inclined to want to examine such, is the most significant reason why this world is so often a world of sorrow and suffering.  Additionally, there are privileged others who know not and care not for the whole truth, because they are happy and satisfied with life as it is for them, but they will find to their dismay, eventually and belatedly that such self-satisfaction will have its price to pay.


As mankind has gotten more clever and knowledgeable about the nature of this material world, so many of these people, have thereupon traded their inclination for spiritual insight for their mastery of material things, believing that the more that they know of this world, the more that they can become godlike in their attributes.  So that, because so many believe only in what they can see and thereby measure by mankind's eyes and instruments, the more that they believe that all that there ever is and all that will ever be, is material in nature, and therefore a belief in a Higher Power is a version of mythology and of no concern, though to maintain this belief, often means to ignore the elephant within the room, for those that think that way, will often dismiss any and all evidence that sheds logical doubt upon that belief.


In point of fact, all those that insist upon vacating the whole truth, are the reason why the construct of peace, love, harmony, truth, justice, and fairness will never gain universal traction.   Mankind must learn to come to realize that the actuation behind mankind is and always has been eternal, and until such a time as mankind recognizes the wisdom of that Eternal, then mankind will continue to suffer as it does, so often, in so many aspects of this world.


The whole truth consists in the knowing that all of us, without exception, has been created equally by the omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent God; that has provided to each one of us, the freedom to discover whatever that it is, that we so desire, recognizing that in that discovery, thoughts become actions, and actions become deeds, in which all of those deeds that are inimical to truth, justice, and harmony bring forth disharmony, of which amends must be made to correct such, for that which is disharmonious cannot merge back into that which is harmony, actualized.


To know the whole truth is the very basis to get back to that which we are -- which is that each one of us is a part of the Greater Whole; and therefore the suffering, pain, hate, and frustration, that we invariably experience here on earth, are the ever present thorns, to wake us up and to prick our consciousness so as to thereupon make it our point to get right and thereby successfully journey Home.